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DSTI ENGLISH Homework Assignment (due October 25th)

Imagine you are meeting a group of adolescents who may be interested in pursuing their studies at DSTI. Choose one course in your program and prepare a presentation of that course in simple terms. Explain what students learn in the course, and how the coursework could be applied to different careers. Be sure to use linking words in your presentation, and try to use vocabulary/ phrasal verbs from our lessons this week.

Your presentation should be 2 paragraphs long.


  • Warm-up: 3 things you did over the past 3 weeks
  • HW assignment peer editing
  • Linguaskill practice: 5.2 Speaking/ Content words
  • Questioning practice activity
  • Communication skills






  • Current Event article presentations (see link from 10/ 27)
  • Vocabulary from each article
  • Quizzes generated by students
  • Practice writing a persuasive text